TILEPLAN is recognized as a specialist and a world leader in resilient industrial and event flooring solutions.  Tileplan deals with the creation, manufacture and distribution of their own innovative, design-led and ecoresponsible flooring solutions for industrial and commercial applications.  As a leading PVC, vinyl, GRP and PP flooring specialist they are already well-established in many countries, TilePlan is continuously developing its activities in new markets.

Multi Specialist

TilePlan’s main market specialization focuses on key applications:



Health and Safety

Events and Access


The following are a selection of the many reviews we have had during many years of Manufacture, Supply, Survey, Project Management and Installation service.  These and many other customers will give 100% references of our unique tile system, of it’s key components ensuringdurability and long lasting properties. We are also classed as gold standard supplier by our European customers andoperate under World Class standards set by other major international brands. Results achieved exceed expectations everytime.

“TilePlans delivered our urgent requirements within a couple of days of ordering, and our floor was laid quickly and easilyby our own staff, the final cost was less than we had thought.  Not knowing what to expect when we first thought of purchasing the tiles, all Ican say now is, we are extremely satisfied with final result, apart from looking splendid it is most comfortable and warm to the feet” – Industrial

Roland Nelson, NB Colour Print Ltd

“We looked for an industrial floor system that ticked the rightboxes,COST–SPEED–DURABILITYNot only was the TilePlans floor laid quicklywithoutabreakinproduction, it was also malleable to the contours of the oldflooring whilst at the same time being easily cut around obstacles yetrobustenough for our busy pallet truck and forkliftarea traffic” – Industrial

Mr Irons, Noel Tatt Group of Canterbury

“We have done onewarehousefloornow and it looks fab, I am really pleased. I’ve ordered more Tileplans tiles in yellow and black.” – Industrial

Pam Britton, Coms Networ ks, UK

“I can’t speak highly enough of TilePlans.Both the product and the customer service are excellent.I have transformed mygarage with the easy to lay Leathergrain tiles not only adding value to the garage but creating extraexercise/work space.  I am delighted with the end result.This would not have been possible without the expertise behind the customer service andwillingness to understand the customer.  It was completely refreshing to deal with a company who understand their productand are committed to finding solutions for their customers.Thank you very much!” – Garage

Susan Souter, Switzerland

“They are comfy to walk on as well as keeping the dust down. This is theexactgaragefloorfinishI was looking for andyou can’t ask for any more than that.” – Garage

Steven Marks, Lambourne Homes and British Superbikes Racer, Surrey

“There is a high volume of traffic coming in and we needed somethingeasytomaintain. I like it because we could usethebrightyellowLine-Tilesto make lines on the floor and we could put in yellow edging ramps as well. We used the linetiles and edging around the MOT bay and it makes a great demarcation area.Healthandsafetypeople have been in andare impressed. Everybody is clear about where they can walk and where they can’t.” – Workshop

George Murray Automotive, Scotland

“The floor looks great and it’s fantastic that it was within our budget. We didn’t have to get the measurements bang on. Wejust bought a number of tiles and we could quite easily cut them and fit them. The floor was easy to assemble withoutspecialist knowledge and it’s functional and easy to care for.We were trying to keep the colour quite neutral to fit in with the style of the office and, with what we havegot here, it worksreally well. We have had people come in to look at it who are interested in buying a similar office floor.Ithashadquiteanimpactwhen people come in and see that it’s different from lino or carpets and that it all locks neatly together.” – Commercial

Spokesman, Kazoo Design, London

“We tested various tiles. The TilePlans representatives were here while they were tested.Our health and safety officer came down and showed how they would test floor products. We had variouschoices includingremoval of the floor paint, clean, and repaint. That would have meant disruption and having to take everything up so thatreally wasn’t an option.We could have gone for a non-slip lino but that is expensive and would have meant problemscutting around equipment soat the end the tiles were the ideal solution.” – Commercial

Dennis Town, Automotive Labs Leader, University

“We chose TilePlans because of anexcellentresponseto our classroom flooring project enquiry.They provided PVCflooring samples and worked closely with us to ensure installation was made easy for us to doourselves, therefore keeping costs down.The TilePlans product is very durable and easy to clean and we were able to put our sponsor partner’slogo in the floor as well.” – Commercial

Stuart Wilson, Young Fire Fighters

“The primary reason to choose TilePlans was availability–theirquickturnaroundat manufacture allowed us to get theantistatic floor down in time for the move. The primary technical reason to choose this form of tile over carpet was tofacilitate anti-static.” – Industrial – Anti-static

Mr Tellis, RSSB UK, Rail Safety and Standards Board
“As you know I didn’t initially plan to install TilePlans interlocking floor tiles but now, every time Iaccess the space, I can’t forthe life of me think why I overlooked the option. I suppose my first thought was a paint solution simply because I believedthat it was perhaps the more affordable and easiest option. In fact I probably couldn’t have been morewrong. Yes I haveincurred an expense I didn’t originally cost but I can see I was short-sighted and the benefits far exceed the cost which I now think will, in the long term, prove more cost effective.  Critical to the change of plan was however your standard of service. Right from the instant and informative response to myenquiry, through the timely site inspection and the efficiency of your advice, quote process and ultimately the installationyouhave, in my opinion, maintained the highest of levels ofservice.  As you know I felt so comfortable and confident with youradvice that I didn’t follow through enquires with any other supplier. This might, in this day and age, be seen as commercial suicide but I believe this is testament to efficiency, honesty and personal presence you provided and the confidence andtrust I was able to place in you.  It goes without saying that I am 100% satisfied with the end result” – Commercial
Mr Eastwood, Yorkshire

“Dealing with Tileplans was easy and made my involvementwith the exhibition stands that we supply as pain free aspossible. I have dealt with other companies within this sector. ThequalityoftheproductandlevelofservicefromTileplans was much better than any of my previous experiences. If you are lookingfor an interlocking PVC floor tilesspecialist, Tileplans is the only company I can recommend.” – Commercial

Whippy Design Exhibitions

“I used TILEPLAN 7mm thick tiles in my garage and I am very very pleased with them. They are 500mm square so lessare needed to cover the floor.Very quick and easy to put down. Need to cut around the edges of the garage floor. Quicker, easier, warmer andgenerally better than a painted concrete floor.  Go for it!” – Garage


“I think these guys had a stall at theClassic Motor show.  We have just had them installed in the labs at work.  Very good Flooring indeed!” – Garage


We look forward to adding your comments as a valued customer also.

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To make our customers business more efficient with sustainable, innovative, healthy and environmentally friendly floor products.  To anticipate the clients future requirements and keep providing the best long lasting solutions.